L.D. Bell Blue Raider Football Booster Club


Our number one goal is to BOOST the Blue Raider Football Program!

We accomplish this through volunteering, supporting the team at all events and monetary support.

The Booster Club sells spirit wear, publishes the annual football media guide program, provides candy and decorations for homecoming, provides the flatbead trailer for homecoming parade, organizes team meals, sets up and tears down the run through tunnel at each game, decorates player lockers on the weekends, provide coaches meals, hands out refreshing popsicles during Spring/Summer workouts, organizes the annual awards banquet and just about anything else you can imagine to support these athletes!

Because of the support received during the season, the Booster Club was able to provide many items to our student athletes that the school district simply cannot provide in today’s economic environment.

Below are just a few examples of how our members’ generosity has supported the program:

  • Over 1,600 post workout protein and recovery shakes to aid in proper nutrition to the players.

  • Over 1,000 electrolyte replacement popsicles during spring and summer workouts to keep players hydrated.

  • Healthy snacks and protein bars provided to 200 athletes on a weekly basis throughout the 10-week season (2,000 total).

  • Annual subscription to a video analysis program (HUDL) that the athletes are able to use to assist in skills development and college recruiting.

  • Enhancements to the Raider Bowl scoreboard on the high school campus.

  • An inflatable run-through tunnel for the athletes that boosts morale in the players prior to each game.

  • Team Spirit Flags that students/athletes run with after scoring.

  • Phantom 4 aerial drone to capture practice video and create highlight films.

  • New state of the art CoachComm Sideline Headsets.

  • Travel Bags for all of the athletes for the out of town games.

  • Segment Timer used for speed and agility training.

  • Discounted tickets to the annual Blue Raider Football Awards Banquet for over 400 players and guests.


  • Meetings:

    • All meetings, Executive Board and General Meetings, shall loosely follow Robert's Rules of Order when conducting business.

    • All meetings must be made public with an agenda posted 24 hours in advance and approved by the sponsor.

    • One Executive Board meeting is to be held monthly.

    • One General meeting is to be held monthly during offseason and weekly during the season.

    • All paid & current members of the organization are allowed one vote in matters requiring one.